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TGIN Review

What’s up everybody and Merry Christmas! From December 1st - 22nd I used TGIN products to shampoo, condition and moisturize my coils and i’m now ready to share my thoughts.


At first impressions the shampoo was not a favorite. It smells absolutely amazing but it made my hair feel like straw and after shampooing my hair didn't feel as clean as I like and my scalp was itchy but to a nice surprise that did not stay the case. I wash my hair weekly, by week 3 the shampoo actually had a different effect on my hair. I’m not 100% sure why but i'm not complaining because my hair right after shampooing was defined, bouncy and full of moisture! The lather from this shampoo is on 100 and a little goes a long way so I did not mind paying 15 bucks for it. I’m not the kind to read the ingredient label so I’m guessing the ingredients are up to par and its advertised to be sulfate free along with the other major bad stuff the gurus cautions us about. TBH I'm not buying this again, I didn't like the fact that it took 3 wash days to clean my scalp thoroughly or that it made my hair feel stripped.

Note: If a product does not work for your hair don't do like me and keep using it. I lucked up and it ended up being okay but in some cases it could be damaging to your hair.

Deep Conditioner

Okay so because I have low porosity hair for my deep conditioners and moisturizers I do check the ingredients for Hydrolyzed proteins and this DC does not have any but it does have loads of good stuff like aloe vera and raw honey. All deep conditioners do the same thing basically but it's a few things I look for in a product that determines if it's good for me or not. Slip, consistency, key ingredient, does it do what it says it does, and price.


  • Slip 80% , usually my fingers does the trick if the slip is legit, but I needed my wide tooth comb.

  • Consistency 100%, A bit sticky but nothing that bothers me really thick and rich you notice the moisture right away.

  • Key ingredient- NOPE

  • Does it do what it says - Aint no lies here sis

  • Price- a little high but fair for the quality.


I love when a system works. I usually buy products in sets and very often the products don't compliment each other and I end up switching out something for something else but in this case week one after I shampooed my hair was striped and stiff and once I applied the DC my coils start popping like chris brown on stage! Hunty! I was impressed. After a few hours with the conditioner in my hair under a hat and plastic bag my hair looked like a wash and go in the works like that moisturised puffy curl you get right after you apply ya curl cream or leave in and just before the gel, yall know.


The Butter cream daily moisturizer is hands down my favorite of the product line. When I applied the cream to my hair I was shook! It made my hair curl as if I applied gel to it. I'm honestly speechless on this one y'all, all I can say Is YES! YES! YES! Go get it, order it, do what you got to do especially my low porosity and my type 4 ladies. The consistency is perfect for winter but not to heavy that it has your twist out looking flat, even though I have type 4 hair it is thin so heavy products are a double no no but this works. Overall I enjoyed these products but honestly and truly I’m too poor and not that excited about my results to keep them all in stock but the butter cream made it to my top 5 list of moisturizers.

If your interested here is the link to my first impressions Video

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