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SWAY by Snarkitecture

Okay so, a few weeks ago Snarkitecture Lost and Found at Snark Park tickets went on sale, and I had plans on going. But, after a week of bad reviews from people on IG, I was like nah I’ll save my 30 bucks and wait for something free to pop up. Fast forward to today and boom at Intersect - “Sway” by Snarkitecture and it's FREE.99 !

“Sway” is a field of LED glowing spheres that change color and intensity in response to human touch. Over the years of going to galleries and museums, the only real rule is don't touch the art and I don't know if being told not to touch or just wanting to connect to the art physically is why I’m always stressed not being able to touch it. Either way, human contact being required at this installation is super cool and fun.


Intersect by Lexus is a culture center; the space has a full bar and cool seating area, as well as a cafe. I’m not sure if you could buy a Lexus there, but if you can that's super fancy. When you walk inside it's a hostess kinda person sitting, you'll gives him/her your name, and if all is good, you go up on the elevator and the doors open to the Snark glowing spheres. It's like entering a dream world. The installation staff were fun and helpful when it came to taking pics, your experience in the room is timed I think 30 min per group of viewers.

Address : 412 WEST 14th st NY, NY 10014


Okay, so I told you it was like a dream world; instantly I felt like a kid. I love when art does this to me. At first I was a little confused to how I was suppose to get inside of 150 delicate balls standing on these skinny stick stands, but then one of the workers walked up to me and said, “Its okay, you can touch it.” I’m sure he didn't sound like a fairy tale princess telling me (the strange human from earth) it’s okay to touch the magic flower with the face, but in my head that's what I heard. For a few minutes I had the entire space to myself.

The first thing I did was play music; I danced yall like nobody was watching, and as I moved the spheres, lit up blue. After that, I had a photo shoot: you know hair up and down, jacket on and off, squared and regular camera. About 5 min, another group got off the elevator and joined my party. We took group pictures, I made friends, we did the electric slide, and then time was up. My group was only 3 people; the limit of people at one time is 7 I think, so we were able to go over time because even once the second group came up it was only 5 of us.

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