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Sowing seeds for my garden

If you wanna save some money, start your garden from seeds. Now it takes more planning and patience but yes you will save some coins. I’m still using the seeds I purchased back in 2018 and 19 for my garden this year. From what I gather some seeds do have an expiration date but if you store them properly they should be fine.

Materials Needed

  • Seeds

  • Soil ( I use the seed starting soil from Miracle grow)

  • Seedling trays ( you can also repurpose water bottles and cardboard egg crates)

  • Labels

If you're starting your seeds indoors its optional to have a heat or lighting source. I'll link the grow light I use here. For a heat source I use a regular space heater. Another perfectly fine source of light is natural sunlight. You can place your seedlings near a window and they will grow just fine.

When starting from seed it is important to plan, I mean it's not the end of the world if you don't but I can tell you from experience that you will either have too little or too many plants when it comes time to transplant. To plan my seedlings I use a little math and my crop list. Because I’m dedicated to sqft gardening I plant my seedlings based on how many of each crop can fit into my space. For example 2 cucumber plants can fit into one Sqft space, I’m growing 2 varieties of cucumbers so I need 4 plants total. I would plant six cucumber seeds, three of each variety.

Steps to the perfect plan

1.Prepare a crop List

2.Plan your planting space/ Grow beds

3. Prepare a list of how many of each crop you need

Seed Chart

So seeds come in all sizes but for the most part all the veggie seeds I've come across are one of four sizes. I’ve taken the time to create some visuals for those size seeds. Imagine The box around the seed is a single one inch seedling cell, the number of seeds and the placement of the seeds is how I plant my seeds. Now back to our cucumber example, cucumber seeds are large in size so I would plant two seeds in a cell. I'm not making any promises but this has worked for me, Oh yeah I almost forgot make sure to label your seedlings. Nothing is more stressful than not knowing what's growing. Welp thats all I got I hope it was helpful! Thanks for reading.

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