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Rhassoul clay shampoo

One Sunday I was in Target scavenging through the sale shelves in the beauty department and i found a 12oz bottle of Carol's Daughter Rhassoul clay sulfate free shampoo for 5 bucks! GIRL I twerked. Blacked owned and half off you know I snatched it. Now way back in 2012 when I was newly natural I gave Carol's Daughter Black vanilla full line a try and It did me wrong my hair was dry af and ended up braking really bad so for me Carol's Daughter was canceled for hair care. But me being the pro black consumer I am I didn't wanna completely give up on the brand so I gave the Marguerite's magic restorative cream a go and it kinda worked I would apply it on Sunday ( wash day ) and by Wednesday I would need to moisturize again which is not good enough for my low porosity hair. But I guess 3rd time's a charm!

When I purchased the shampoo I was rocking a protective style. I used it to substitute my monthly clay wash treatment, with braids in a clay mask is never a good idea so having clay shampoo was golden. When I took my braids out (2 months later) I was happy with my hairs moisture and the fact that i didn't have that nasty knot of dirt sitting where my braid was started. So the shampoo is free of all the stuff we naturals don't want in our shampoos, other then the Rhassoul clay I really appreciate the Aloe juice that does it’s thing keeping my hair hydrated. Once i took my braids out I wanted to try the shampoo with my hair out and sis i was not disappointed at all my cleansing results and moisture results where still A1 so I had to review the product because I’m adding this shampoo as a must have.

price - fair for the ingredients, it retails at $11.50 at target stores or on Carol’s daughter website.

Consistency- it's a thick shampoo, a little goes a long way and it has a good lather.

Ingredients- natural girl approved

Does it do what it say?- Yup!

Extra Benefits - works super bomb with protective styles

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