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Protective Styling

A big part of you natural hair journey is protective styling. It falls right after Deep conditioning and right before trimming. I have to admit that in the past I did not do this properly if at all. In 2018 I was protective styling all year and it really made a big difference in my hairs progress.

LOW manipulation protective styles requires you to touch/redo your hair at least once a week and sometimes daily.

  • Buns and puffs

  • Clip in’s

  • Twist, braid, bantu knot out

NO manipulation protective styles require little to no touching and can last up to one month without redoing.

  • Two strand twist

  • Mini twist

  • Wigs

  • Braids ( I don't recommend unless your doing them yourself)

  • Flat 2 strand twist

My favorite protective styles are wigs and flat 2 strand twist. Usually I flat twist my hair in a way that I can put my wig on if I wanted to be fancy but neat and presentable enough that I could also wear them as a style.

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