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Natural hair winter gems

Whats up y’all, I know it's like the end of the winter ( 5 weeks left ) but better late than never with the gems right. I recently let my hair down from my protective style and my co worker who also has natural hair asked me a shit ton of questions about my hair care and I was like well if she need these gems somebody else must need them too, so boom! An entry!

Natural hair care / winter hair care gems

1. Wash less - If you can do this I recommend it even tho clean hair is vital to growth in the winter washing your hair often could be drying which could cause breakage.

2. The thicker/richer the better when it comes to Deep conditioners and moisturizing creams

3.Protective style

4. Invest in a satin pillowcase

5. Seal with butters

6. Keep your hair stretched

7. NO HEAT!!

8. Hot oil treatments

9. Trim

10. Vitamins and water  

Be smart with these gems sis, if you have thin hair and you know butter makes your hair stick together and lay flat don't use butters, duh! A nice medium consistency oil like Grapeseed oil will do. If you have low porosity hair and your prone to build up don't wash your hair less, I would recommend alternating between a cleansing co wash or clay wash and shampoo.

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