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Healthy hair Ting

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

It's February 2019 and for one full year I have been on a healthy hair journey! In 2017 I experienced hair loss due to Iron deficiency, heat damage, a failed sew in take down and overall stress/ depression that caused me to neglect the fuck out of my hair. So all of 2018 I took my time to nurse my hair back to health now here we are in 2019.


In August 2015 ( 3 years natural) I straightened my hair for a length check and I fried my curls so for the remainder of the year and all of 2016 I wore a wig or some kind of braid or twist. Towards the end of 2016 my hair was 80% heat damage free and my hair care routine was down packed. In 2017 I thought I was grown and I wore my hair out daily, re-twisting and adding small amounts of product to keep definition and moisture every night. I tried different braided protective styles as well. I got my hair cornrowed bi weekly from March - May followed by a sew in from July to September. I also changed my eating habits drastically and abandoned my set schedule for hair care.

When I took my sew in out in October I noticed my hair was thin and my curl pattern was suffering to show, I also had a lot of knots and tangles so I thought okay it's been a while since I had a good trim and protein treatment. I went to a Dominican salon to get an Aphogee 2 step treatment, a Sebastian deep conditioner treatment and and a good trim. This is a place I trust and have gone to many times and never had problems but this time my roller set lasted me a few hrs and by the end of the night I looked like a cat that stuck it's tail in an electrical socket.

I washed my hair the next day to convert to my curls and BOOM ! Mother fucking heat damage and It was all over my head. By December I was so frustrated with bad hair days I got another sew in and I kept it in for a few weeks. January 11 2018 I let my boyfriend take my hair out and he cut one of my braids in the back/ middle of my head thinking it was thread. When I washed my hair after taking the sew in out chunks of hair at my crown and lower left side was coming out. It wasn't until I went to blow dry my hair that I noticed it wasn't shed hair but actual hair loss and not just from him cutting my braid. I went to the Dr within that week for my annual physical and come to find out my Iron was extremely low and I had to have an Iron infusion treatment.

At this point I lost all hope , it was the end of an era for my curls because I was certain that I would have to big chop for a third time. I put thought into either a basic big chop or a stylish taper cut for the rest of January and then i made my mind up that I did not want to cut my damn hair again and in order for me to grow my hair back and get my curls popping again I had to put the work in to overcome this natural hair setback. With my health being my first priority and my hair second I committed myself to a diet and supplement update, a weekly wash day, product consistency, and bi weekly dusting of my ends. Just with my health looking up I noticed fullness at the root of my hair, less shedding, and the way my hair reacted to products. I was able to cut the last of my heat damage off in July 2018 By October about 90% all of my bald spots had filled in , my Iron levels were doing well, and I was finally starting to see a good curl pattern.

What I learned so far about healthy hair

  1. Hair Health is from the inside out

  2. Your hair's porosity is the most important characteristic

  3. patients, consistency and moisture = length retention ( you hair grows regardless)

  4. Youtube and Blogs don’t make the rules you hair does so listen to it

So what’s the next step? Honestly I’m still rocking with the healthy hair journey but I would like to retain some length so I put together this 90 day growth “challenge” that i will be starting in march. I plan on keeping y'all up to date via youtube and here on cretivespace, I'm excited!

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