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Everybody Knows Bob

It’s Summer in New York City and the pop ups are here hunty! Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a few, out of them all Everybody knows Bob was my favorite. It's not a free pop up and honestly once I have to pay to see art I’m turned off but Sunday was a link day for my friends and I so I gave up the coin because I missed the last link and friends are important and for friendships you show up! It also was a lil bit of fate because I usually pick a theme for my art-ventures and this month the theme is pop ups, artist collaborations and Art Fusion, Everybody Knows Bob was all in one.

The Basics:

This pop up opened June 1st, NYC is the first location for its world tour. The pop up is the first ever experimental exhibit that presents pop art in the form of mass entertainment. The artist and the pop up name has nothing to do with one another to my understanding its just a catching name. Bob is a character themed and focused on in the collaborating artist works on view, the artist name is Raphael Zhou. I never heard of him and after the pop up-before writing this blog I did look him up and I think I found his IG but i'm not 100% sure so I won't include it here. All the art was for sale of course and the collection was privately owned. The artist himself is an Emerging artist and from my POV he’s going to do well. I think the lady name was Jess, don't @ me but I asked her a few questions and she gave me what she could. Honestly I think it was all just winged which is super dope because 2 of his pieces were sold for 10k -15k each!


Everybody Knows Bob NYC

78 Grand Street

New York, NY 10013

World Tour 1st stop: Soho, New York, 6/1 -- 8/8

Monday — Sunday: 10:30am — 7:30pm

Buy Tickets here

My experience:

Before Sunday I ain't know Bob, Cut just told me to come hangout and see some art and I’m not 100 percent sure I know him now even after “meeting” him. The location for the pop up was cool and had a nice layout/ floor plan for the mystical “ who is bob” vibes that the name gave off. From the website and IG the exhibit just seems like a fun photo opportunity but once I got there I quickly saw that It was more. The first question Was of course was who's the artist? What's the artist message and can I touch ALL of the art?
From the basics you know the artist name and if been keeping up with my art-ventures you know that art is always interpreted differently from person to person but i like to know if the artist had things in mind when creating, Raphael didn't have anything deep in mind, just Fun and money. I did notice that even without a meaning Zhou’s artistry is heavily influenced by his traditional culture and pop culture. Everything was touchable except the figures that were protected by glass boxes as i walked around I tried to figure out the artist thought process but honestly he was just making shit up. One concept me and Sam came up with was a government conspiracy against fun, swaggy Rich kid shit.

Each piece in total took about a year so I think he had a theme ( the flower man) and just created experiences to express that curated his life. I can say the artist is talented AF. The definition in his acrylic pieces was crazy sharp meaning or no meaning his pieces made me think and as y'all know that I love. After walking around the room with my friends talking about our faves we indulged heavily in the interactive space. Their was props to play around with and a Hell of a playlist filling the room. The coolest part was it felt like a private viewing for just us ( this is becoming a thing for us now). The tickets are time based and each guest gets an hour, I asked and before 6pm is the best time to come if you don't want the hassle of lines for pictures and stuff like that. Our tickets were for 1:30pm to 2:30pm, of course I was late but because it was literally no one there but us we got some extra time and left at 3:30 ish. While we were there one couple came in walked from the front to the back and dipped I don't even recall them taking a photo, I found it so rude but I minds my business, that's their coin wasted.
The ladies working the space were all super cool, fun, and helpful. Y'all know I had hella questions, they answered them all and offered to take pictures for us. From my mini interview with the pop up director it was clear my thoughts that the artist and his team just wanted everyone to have fun was dead on and his mission was accomplished. After taking all my pics and doing a lil dance to some old A$AP I didn't care about my 30 bucks anymore.
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