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"Did we just become best friends"?

I Started My first Youtube Channel when I was about 18 years old. It was a spin off of my tumblr page “This is my shit”. The channel focused on pop culture and celebrity Gossip. I was basically creating a TMZ of my own. At the time It was a good idea and I had the talent and resources but I didn't have the motivation or concentration to stay consistent. I was In college, I was boy crazy and I honestly didn't give a flying fuck about celebrity gossip and I wasn't very influenced by pop culture. Fast Forward a few years I’m about 23 and I created a new channel with a different narrative and it was a spin off of my Instagram which was a where I showcased my makeup talents. This second page was more successful in the aspect that I was consistent with content and posting videos as well as my promotion and networking for the channel. About a year into it I just stopped and I never asked myself why, until now. Now at 28 I still want a Youtube/ Blog so i'm going for it AGAIN but this time I’m going to be true to what I want my channel to be and that is another platform in conjunction of this blog, “Creative space on the Internet” where I will upload whatever I'm feeling or doing. So the plan is to have these two platforms co exist to keep ya'll fully informed and entertained. I have all kinds of content from Travel vlogs to step by step D.I.Y and make up videos. Videography is an art form so I dint wanna leave that out of this creative space plus I want you guy that don't know me personally to be able to experience my personality.

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