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Antigua 2019

This entry is way overdue being that I went to Antigua for the New year and its now February. *eye roll emoji* Okay first off a little geography lesson because when K picked this island I was very confused and then immediately embarrassed at my knowledge in geography but at the same time impressed with God and his creation of the world cuz chile I thought I was going to Argentina and K was saying the country name wrong * facepalm emoji* So Antigua is an east Caribbean island with 365 beaches and a population of 100,000 or so. We stayed in the southwest coast of the island in Saint Mary Parish walking distance to Jolly harbour. Our flight was about 4 hrs and we did an extended weekend stay. We opted out of all inclusive at the hotel because we're adventurous foodie travelers, we only eat breakfast at the hotel or resort.

Cost: $2100 flight and Stay
Hotel : Sugar Ridge
Pool area. This was the view from where we had breakfast.

Antigua was a very cozy family oriented vibe island. The restaurants and shops all closed early the latest dinner reservation we were able to make was 8:45 pm and we overslept from our day and missed that. The locals are very friendly on and off the hotel grounds I loved walking in the market/ downtown area, people watching and getting lost is always the best part of a vacation. Out of the 365 beached we only visited 2 being that our last day it rained a Lot. We planned to rent a private yacht to one of the isolated beaches to have a cute ( I don't like the word romantic) lunch on the beach alone but the rain canceled that for us. The prices for the excursions were good, much like any island if you pay for it at the hotel you pay more but at the actual sight you can bargain with the guys hosting the activity. We paid under $100 bucks (USD) for a jet ski for 1 hr and was able to go out as far as we wanted and even to other smaller islands in the distance. Unfortunately we didn't get our whole hour because our jet ski flipped while we were taking videos and pictures of the view from far out in the sea.

flipping off the jet ski, the butterflies that cover the island and just relaxing was the highlights of the stay for me. Usually I travel to party and be adventurous but this mini vaca was to collect myself and set intentions for 2019. If we're being honesty this short review does nothing for my actual experience and I didn't plan on reviewing my trip being that I was not active on social media for all of 2018. Without being active I fell out of the habit of taking blog savvy photos and keeping up with the names of places in my phone notes but I think I cover the bases. Its a beautiful island, not for a turn up, good food well priced vacation year round.

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