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Allora & Calzadilla “Cadastre “

I’m sitting in my cubicle and I cant and dont want to focus on anything Finance related so I shake my head like Wile Coyote waking up from a boulder being dropped on his head and I start writing. It’s been sometime since I’ve seen art, June to be exact and its freaking October yall!

:: Facepalm:: My personal life has been taking a lot of twists and turns; most for the good but It's one of those things when you don't see the good right away, so I’ve been in a bad head space. Anywho last weekend I did it. I talked myself into ignoring the BS and putting all my energy into the happiness that is in front of me NOW! I ended up in New York on a ARTventure.

The basics:

Even though I haven't been active with my gallery hopping I have been keeping up with new exhibitions VIA gallery websites and their instagram accounts. Visiting the Gladstone gallery was nothing new but this was my first time seeing works by the duo Allora & Calzadilla. Though they are not strangers to Gladstone gallery, they are strangers to me, “ Cadastre” is their third exhibition with Gladstone Gallery. The term “Cadastre” refers to a registration of property to show the extent, value and ownership of land for taxation. This exhibition awakes the bizarre encounters with anti colonial movements in the Caribbean from the past to reflect on present forms of colonialism and its relation to climate justice. The artist took inspiration from a collection of poems by a Martinican poet and politician Aime Cesaire. Y’all there is a long historical story attached to the two pieces spiritually. I encourage you right after reading, liking and subscribing to A creative space on the internet mailing list to do some research on the inspiration, history and current events in the caribbean/ South America.


Gladstone Gallery

Allora & Calzadilla

“Cadastre “

530 West 21st Street

Until November 2, 2019

My Experience:

Ok, so Gladstone was my first stop of the day I was extremely excited just simply off the fact that I was going to see art. I made a list of about eight galleries I wanted to visit so I was pumped and full of coffee. I got into the city Via NJ transit around 9:30 am I ate, I got a cup of joe and headed towards gallery #1. When I entered I felt a little out of place but it didn't take long for me to get comfortable. It was only two works shown, Graft an arrangement of flowers across the gallery floor that mimics the cast blossoms of the Tabebuia chrysantha tree and Cadastre a 6ft by 70ft display of what at first looked to me like black paint dripped on canvas. Ima be honest wit yall I aint know what the hell was going on. I didn't understand anything about the pieces as I stood looking at them but I felt connected to something. I passed it off as overwhelming joy because I was in a gallery saying fuck being at home, sad, in bed with vegan ice cream. I took loads of pictures and left satisfied and eager for my next gallery. It wasn't until I was on the train home and I was reading the press release when I realized that the connection I felt was not just joy.

Weeks back I posted about my great Aunt passing and how I felt a need to secure my history, that feeling has only gotten stronger and I’m digging into history to find out more about Black & Brown culture in other countries as well as America and with in my family. So imagine how satisfying it was to google “ Anti colonial movement in the Caribbean”, I read so much clicking link after link googling more and more footnote topics from different journals and scholarly essays. History I was ignorant to about black and brown people and culture that I celebrate daily but really really hard on the weekends (I think I’m Caribbean on weekends). As we all know, art has no right or wrong definition or meaning, It creates a message that is unique to the viewer. I love how “Cadastre” opened my eyes to things and how it sends a worldwide message of support that encourages awareness. You as a viewer may get something different out of the exhibition so I encourage you to go and see what impact it makes on you.

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