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I have been to many of the galleries on the lower east side of Manhattan but it was my first time at Perrotin. Like all of the galleries as soon as you enter you hear this unspoken “shhh” it's something about the white walls that scream don't disturb the art. On the first floor was Pieter Vermeersch first solo show at this New York location. Vermeersch is a sculptor and Turin-based painter, out of the the showings this was my favorite. I like how Vermeersch incorporated elements of architecture and interior design with free standing wooden walls that surround his work. Walking into the airy makeshift hallway looking above me and in all other directions truly impressed me, It felt like a portal into a new world. From this entry point the tone was set for the rest of my gallery visit. My popping pic for IG goggles went off and my art geek glasses went on. Originally I was visiting with clear purpose, a popping pic for my Instagram in front of the blue wall with the swirling lines. How rude of me right?! I got my picture of course but I left Perrotin with more, I left with insight and an idea to help bring real love for art back.

The basics:

I wrote this Introduction back in January, I can’t remember for what reason i didn't finishing but since January I only been back to Perrotin once and it was to see “ We are the baby gang” by Paola Pivi a multimedia artist from Alaska. Perrotin this time around did not hit like it did in January, the art on the first and second floor wasn't intriguing even though the second floor work made for a cool photo opportunity. On the third floor was “ We are the baby gang” by Paola Pivi, this was my main reason for coming back to the Perrotin. Pivi first solo show was six years ago at the same location and since she has been living in India which explains the vibrant color palette of the bears. The baby polar bears were given no justice on IG and even the pictures I’m posting with this blog. They are freaking adorable. Pivi used feathers to cover/ mimic fur, to me this made the bears more playful and added a sense of personality. Each of the 70 baby polar bears were expressing different actions some more noticeable than others like the ones doing yoga or playing with a Jimmy Choo shoe, it was oddly realistic. When I looked the artist up after seeing the baby gang I learned that this was not her first colorful bear show, it's her second and the reason for the tiny bears is in connection to her becoming a mom. Each baby bear has a name, and they're all cool and interesting names like “ I just miss my mom” .

Gallery Info:


130 Orchard St

New York , NY 10002

Tue -Sat 10am -6pm

We are the baby gang on view until June 8th 2019

My Experience : The curation of the bears was different for me, it was my first time going to a gallery where the art was not on the walls. I've seen things in photos before and I know its a thing but I never experienced it. It didn't feel weird but it was nerve racking AF to not touch, accidentally kick or step on anything, poor kids visiting with their parents, right? Back in January I do remember it being something like “art guards” on the 3rd floor monitoring the art but they were almost invisible and were really nice, you know “ hey please don't use flash” , “ hey be careful when your posing, you can't touch the art “ kinda thing. But these art guards were fucking rude and annoying. It was almost impossible for me to get a picture without them photobombing, they were hawking me that hard. After being there for not even 2 min I was actually ready to go so I left the gallery per-maturely. I had plans on staying a while like a little over an hour to pay attention to each bear and its details and expression but every move I made was commented on. Meanwhile two non black girls where having a full on photo shoot on the floor literally doing everything but picking the bears up from their places, one of them sat on the floor and I thought that would be cool for an IG pic so I did the same I was asked to get off the floor and told its not allowed ( eye roll emoji) . At that point I knew it was time to go plus the room was becoming crowded. The amount of people viewing at once was not monitored which I found weird, with a show like this I would imagine for safety and security reasons viewings will be more organized but overall it was cool and I do hope to see more of Pivi’s work in the future.

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