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A New Year a Better me!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Whats Up Y’all and Happy new year! It is 2019 and I am super excited about this year. In 2018 I took a well needed rest from Instagram and devoted all of me to getting my thoughts, emotions and desires in perspective hunty. I really focused on my 5 year plan which I was lacking on and neglecting for least important but way cooler/funner things. Social media and people in general could be very distracting and provoking, for me it was more negative impacts then positive so I went cold turkey plus i was going through a really hard but much needed break up and redirecting of energy and actions. But enough of that ya girl is back on the gram (@Erykahd), my 5 year plan is back on tract and moving full force and I’m more balanced than ever. I never do the New year resolution thing I just ask God to grant me strength and wisdom to make a better year for myself and loved ones than last and I get rid of a word from my vocabulary and existence but this year along with begging God for stuff and vetoing part of my vocabulary I made a few list. I feel it in my spirit that 2019 is going to be a good year for us all. Last year I got rid of the word “hope” and this year I’m canning “ potential” . If it has potential, it’s not enough.

“50 cent has the potential to be $1 but for what you want your still coming up short”. Ema

In 2019 I will:

Grow a full vegetable & herb garden

Take better care of my skin and nails

Continue my hair health journey and grow my hair to 16 in

Take pride in my daily look

Generate more sources of income

Overcome social anxiety

Read six books or more

Pass my certification exam

Go back to school to finish my BA

In 2019 I look forward to:

Running my blog and business

Going back to school

All the interior projects to come


Being back on Instagram

Meeting new people

Sharing my knowledge

Getting back in Shape and tapping into my full abilities as an athlete.

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