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A brick wall ain't gone build it self

For Starters Living in a rental apartment has Lots of limits and often times many flaws, well at least if your apartment is as old as mine is and your landlord is as shitty as mine is. I’ve lived in a townhouse that was built in 1992 since 93’’. Up until 2014 when my Dad bought a one family home my mom, dad, little brother, older sister and I lived in this 3 bedroom, one bath and a half two story townhouse. As a kid I remember my mom decorating and rearranging and changing things in the house but I never fully approved with her visions, of course my bedroom was off limits to her creativity, I was the captain of that ship. From Power ranger themed decor with lavender walls to obnoctious lime green walls and Winnie the Pooh themed decor topped with a magazine photo collage ceiling (don't judge me cartoon characters and posters were popping in high school) I was a interior mastermind!

When I was about 16 my mom finally let me decorate a room out side of my room, the bathroom. With the help of my childhood best friend I painted the walls turquoise and accented them with tangerine and white lines, it was honestly horrible but it fuled my ambition to be an interior artist. Now that I have the place kind of to myself ( I have housemates) I decorate what seems like every six months but because the house is a rental I’m restricted to what I can do. Accent brick walls and exposed brick walls have been really popular with the boho minimal and industrial looks being the trend now and I didn't wanna miss out on all the fun so I did some brainstorming and watched a few videos about faux painting and theatrical stage set making and I came up with a perfect and cheap faux brick wall!

You will need, a wall. Please be sure that this is the wall you want to accent and keep accented. Panit, I used a light grey paint for the grout lines, a brick red color for the actual brick and a darker grey which is optional but highly recommended and this goes for the cream color paint I also used. Next on the list is plaster, I prefer the one that goes on pink and dries white and lastly, painters tape, sponges, a paint brush and rollers, a plaster spatula and a scrub brush, do not skip the scrub brush, its very important!


STEP one

If you need to tape off or cover anything near the wall your painting, this can and will get messy so do that. Then cover your wall with two coats of the light gray paint and let it dry fully. Drying time for your paint can vary it just needs to be dry enough to apply tape to it and remove without pulling the paint off the wall with it. I waited 24hr being that my brick was was being built in the bathroom. Once I was comfortable with the dryness of the base I created my prick pattern with painters tape. To create a more realistic brick pattern I ripped some pieces of the tape in half to create rough edges for imperfect grout lines.

STEP two Use your spatula to apply the plaster. I wanted my brick to have a 3D vibe so I applied the plaster think and in layers, this is optional and even though I recommend all of the little tricks to give your wall a more realistic look and texture this is where the time consuming parts of this project come in. This weekend project took a week but it was worth it. Using the plaster that dries white and goes on pink really helps wit this part, what you want todo is apply your coats of plaster one after another. When one coat starts to turn white quickly follow with another. Once I was happy with my depth of plaster I took my scrub brush and I "sponged" the entire wall creating a super realistic texture. Now allow the plaster to dry before giving two coats of the brick red paint.

STEP three Once the coats of red paint dry it's time for the fun part. I like to think of this as the highlight and contour of the wall. Your going to take that dark grey paint on a damp sponge and blot in random spaced out areas of your wall, allow this to dry to the touch then dry brush the entire wall with "X" shaped brush strokes with the white or cream paint to highlight the details you made with the spatula and scrub brush and your done with the brick wall process and its time for the clean up. I recommend you wait a few days to peel that tape off .

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