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You can call me Ema!

   So far here's what I know “about me”. I'm a NJ newark native, Self taught artist of the interiors & a DIY enthusiast that love & appreciate art in all forms. After Graduating high school In 2008 I furthered my Education at William Paterson University, Essex County College and Dover business College. In my years of schooling I’ve achieved an Associates in business, English and two Allied health certifications. 
    Empowering people through positivity, creativity, confidence and self -care. I am a proud black women that is transparent and encouraging, my Personal goal in life is to physically, mentally and emotionally influence and accomplish happiness, emotional balance, flexibility and wealth for myself and others. 
   In passing years I’ve grown as a woman, a daughter, sister , friend, and creator and I want to share my continuous growth and knowledge with the world . Selfawearness motivated me to start my first business Phyllis B. Fae. Two years later culture and personal experience motivated me to launch Livinston.

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